Voltage Regulators

Fairchild's technologically advanced LDOs and Shunt Regulators fit the needs of the most demanding applications. When your design requires a lower differential operating voltage, higher efficiency operation and lower power dissipation, Fairchild's series of LDOs offer a broad min input voltage range (1.6 V to 15.5 V) and output current (100 mA to 3 A). For low power, low current applications, our series of shunt regulators feature adjustable output voltages from 2.5 V to 37 V and superb thermal stability.

Why Choose Our Voltage Regulators

  • Proven broad discrete component supplier providing products with high reliability and unequaled customer supports
  • Innovative products and package solutions for the highest possible energy-efficient designs
  • Our shunt regulators provide programmable output voltages, low dynamic output impedance, and fast turn-on response and operate over industrial temperature range
  • The voltage regulators provide various protection and thermal shutdown features and operate over a wide temperature range.