Backlighting Units (BLU)

Fairchild's backlight ICs are used for all television and monitor applications, including PDP TVs, LCD TVs & Monitors, and LED TV & Monitors. Our solutions help you to achieve slim and sleek form factors. These controllers deliver higher power density, while maintaining high reliability. 

These LCD backlight inverter drive ICs use a proprietary phase-shift method that controls push-pull topology or full-bridge topologies. These drive ICs provides a low-cost solution and reduce external components by integrating full-wave rectifiers for open-lamp protection and regulation.

Why Choose Our Backlighting Units

  • High efficiency single-stage power conversion ICs
  • Wide input voltage range: 10V to 24V, 6V to 28V, 30V (depending on selected IC)
  • Backlight lamp ballast and soft dimming
  • Minimal required external components to reduce BOM and reduce board space
  • Precision voltage reference trimmed to 2%
  • Burst dimming function
  • Topologies covered: ZVS , ZCS push-pull, Full bridge

백라이팅 장치(BLU) Products

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