Advanced Load Switches

The AccuPower™ series is a family of current-limit load switches, with slew-rate controlled N-channel MOSFET, and a wide Vin range. The AccuPower™ family provides full protection to systems and loads from in-rush current conditions. Loads can be activated or deactivated with a low-voltage logic-compatible ON pin.

Fault conditions can be monitored using the error flag pin and/or the power-good pin. Each member of the AccuPower™ FPF270X family serves a category of load-fault response. All devices clamp the load current so that it cannot exceed an externally programmed current level. An over temperature feature provides further device protection in case of excessive levels of power dissipation.

Why Choose Our Advanced Load Switches

  • Fairchild offers a wide range of Load Switches to fit your needs.
  • Our products have low Rds On, wide Vin range, adjustable current limit to meet your application needs, in-rush current protection, and a small footprint.
  • The AccuPower™ FPF270x family is ideal for your high voltage application needs.