TRIAC Driver Optocouplers

The snubberless TRIAC Driver Optocouplers feature a built-in active dv/dt clamp providing best-in-class noise immunity (dv/dt) of 10,000V/μs, which is superior to the average dv/dt rating (1,500V/μs) of monolithic TRIAC drivers. This superior performance eliminates the RC snubber network required for lower dv/dt-rated monolithic opto TRIAC drivers. This saves valuable design time and reduces bill of materials (BOMs). High noise immunity makes these products ideal for noisy industrial environments as they offer a more robust solution for isolating solid-state relays, AC motor controls and lighting ballasts. The FOD41XX family features an integrated zero-cross inhibit circuit which prevents the device from switching near the peak of the AC mains. The FOD42XX are random phase drivers which allow the device to switch at any AC mains voltage level.

Triac 드라이버 옵토커플러 Products

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