Fairchild offers a broad range of standard and TinyLogic™ ICs to meet your high speed, low power designs. Our logic devices are available in both leaded and high density unleaded packaging options.

Why Choose Fairchild's Logic Devices

Our TinyLogic™ family enables design engineers to implement design changes without having to redesign complex silicon subcomponents or PCB layouts.

In addition, our standard CMOS and BiCMOS family of logic products are available in over 500 configurations to meet your design needs.

어플리케이션 노트설명
AN-640Understanding and Minimizing Ground Bounce
AN-5026Using BGA Packages
AN-5006버스홀드를 이용한 설계
AN-5001Using Fairchilds LVX Low Voltage Dual Supply CMOS Translating Transceivers
AN-138Using the CMOS Dual Monostable Multivibrator
AN-600Understanding Latch-up in Advanced CMOS Logic
AN-5048System Clock Distribution Example Using LVDS
AN-5029Interfacing Between PECL and LVDS Differential Technologies
AN-5047Live Insertion Using Low Voltage Differential Signaling
AN-5046LVDS Receiver Failsafe Biasing Networks
AN-248Electrostatic Discharge Prevention-Input Protection Circuits and Handling Guide for CMOS Devices
AN-5241Guidelines for Pb-Free Soldering of Fairchild Components Based on JEDEC® J-STD 20D / IEC EN 61760-1:2006
AN-8030TinyLogic® MicroPak2™ Package Applications Guide
AN-88CMOS Linear Applications
AN-376Logic-System Design Techniques Reduce Switching-CMOS Power
AN-118CMOS Oscillators
AN-303HC-MOS Power Dissipation
AN-313DC Electrical Characteristics of MM74HC High Speed CMOS Logic
AN-339Fairchilds Process Enhancements Eliminate the CMOS SCR Latch-Up Problem in 74HC Logic
AN-310High Speed CMOS (MM74HC) Processing
AN-319Comparison of MM74HC to 74LS, 74S and 74ALS Logic
AN-317AC Characteristics of MM74HC High Speed CMOS
AN-314Interfacing to MM74HC High-Speed CMOS Logic
AN-140CMOS Schmitt Trigger - A Uniquely Versatile Design Component
AN-368An Introduction to and Comparison of 74HCT TTL Compatible CMOS Logic
AN-5055Portability and Ultra Low Power TinyLogic®
AN-340HCMOS Crystal Oscillators
AN-1070Fairchild의 GTLP 대 TI의 GTL: 시스템 관련 성능 비교
AN-363Designing with TTL
AN-389Follow PC-Board Design Guidelines For Lowest CMOS EMI Radiation
AN-1072GTLP Output Control Circuitry: Reduces Noise and Enhances System Performance
AN-753Simple Byte Parity Applications Featuring the FAST 74F899
AN-393Transmission-Line Effects Influence High-Speed CMOS
AN-1097GTLP: 출력 드라이브에 대한 이해
AN-375High-Speed-CMOS Designs Address Noise and I/O Levels
AN-684100336 Four-Stage Counter/Shift Register
AN-737Device Generated Noise Measurement Techniques
AN-1100Thermal Considerations of Surface Mount Packages
AN-890P1149.1A Extensions to IEEE-Std-1149.1-1990
AN-780Operating ECL from a Single Positive Supply
AN-881Design Considerations for Fault Tolerant Backplanes
AN-5031GTLP Power Configuration
AN-5025Applications Using the GTLP10B320
AN-891Non-Contact Test Access for Surface Mount Technology
AN-5011Low Voltage 3-STATE Power-Up and Power-Down Circuitry
AN-5045Using the VBB Reference on High Speed LVDS Repeaters
AN-5004Low Voltage Device Output Load Specifications, 30pF versus 50pF
AN-784F100K ECL Dual Rail Translators
AN-5014Incident Wave Switching and Throughput
AN-661FAST Design Considerations
AN-1065GTLP: 버스 및 백플레인 어플리케이션의 인터페이스 기술
AN-377DC Noise Immunity of CMOS Logic Gates
AN-690Design Innovations Address Advanced CMOS Logic Noise Considerations
AN-831Characteristics and Measurement Techniques of the Spectral Content of Signals Generated by High-Performance ICs
AN-683300 MHz Dual Eight-Way Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
AN-994Simplified Intelligent Port Design Using the 74ACT1284
AN-889Design of a Parallel Bus-to-Scan Test Port Converter
AN-610Terminations for Advanced CMOS Logic
AN-5002GTLP: Single vs. Multiple Output Switching Technical Discussion
AN-817Taking Advantage of ECL Minimum-Skew Clock Drivers
AN-9074C Family Characteristics
AN-5016Double Data Rate Support ICs
AN-5013GTLP in BTL Applications
AN-1037Embedded IEEE1149.1 Test Application Example
AN-682Terminating F100K ECL Inputs
AN-5005PC100 Memory Driver Competitive Comparison
AN-5009Fairchilds Logic Solutions for 133MHz Buffered Memory Modules
AN-680Dynamic Threshold for Advanced CMOS Logic
AN-476Guide to ALS and AS
AN-77CMOS, The Ideal Logic Family