Diodes & Rectifiers

Whether you are working on a new design, upgrading an existing design or purchasing for your BOM, Fairchild provides you with industry-standard bridge rectifiers, DIACs, Schottky diodes and rectifiers, small signal diodes, transient voltage suppressors and Zener diodes. Our products offer the best available combination of quality, features, and packaging options.

Fairchild provides a complete portfolio of diodes ranging from small-signal diodes to high voltage Silicon Carbide (SiC) Diodes. Each diode technology has optimized performance and packages to offer the highest performance, efficiency and reliability.

Why Choose Our Diodes & Rectifiers

  • Fairchild is a proven discrete components supplier, providing high quality products and valuable tools and support.
  • Innovative product and package solutions optimized for energy-efficient designs.
  • New family of Bridge rectifiers in Micro DIP packaging offers low 1.45mm profile.
  • Schottky Rectifiers that offer high reverse voltage (200V) and smaller surface mount packages.