Piezoelectric Drivers

The FAN8831 is a single-chip piezoelectric actuator driver consisting of step-up DC-DC converter with integrated 36 V boost switch and a full-bridge output stage. The device is capable of driving a Piezo bi-directionally at 120 V peak to peak from a single 3 V lithium cell. The step-up DC-DC converter operates in critical conduction mode (CRM) and is optimized to work in a coupled inductor configuration to provide output voltages in excess of 60 V. Over-voltage protection, over -current protection, and thermal shutdown are all provided. An internal ready is used to enable the full-bridge gate driver when step-up DC-DC converter output voltage reaches the proper level with hysteresis. The boost voltage is set using external resistors, and step-up current limit is programmable via the external resistor at OCP pin. The output H-bridge features four integrated 75 V P and N-channel for sine wave drive of the Piezo actuator.

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