Primary Side Regulation

2014년 09월 02일 | 4 min 50 sec | download 4.44 mb

Listen to how primary side regulation can improve efficiency in battery chargers.


Introducing Power Supply WebDesigner Design Tool

2014년 09월 02일 | 5 min 17 sec | download 4.84 mb

Introduction to Fairchild's Power Supply WebDesigner, a design tool for Flyback Converter solutions. This online design and simulation tool takes your specifications and provides a complete Primary-Side Regulated (PSR) Flyback converter or Secondary-Side Regulated (SSR) Flyback Converter design whether you are a power supply expert or not.


Efficient DC-DC Designs

2014년 09월 02일 | 6 min 10 sec | download 5.66 mb

Listen to the ways of improving efficiency in DC-DC designs.


Increase Efficiency with <100mW at No Load

2014년 09월 02일 | 11 min 54 sec | download 10.89 mb

FAN675x series of integrated PWM controllers


Automotive HVIC Gate Drivers Series Podcast

2014년 09월 02일 | 6 min 47 sec | download 6.22 mb

Explore the market trends and the ways to enable fuel efficiency in automotive applications.


Power Factor Correction (PFC) Podcast

2014년 09월 02일 | 6 min 25 sec | download 5.89 mb

Learn about Power Factor Correction, its value in electronics and the energy-efficiency standards around PFC


FL7701, Smart Non-Isolated Buck LED Driver with Power Factor Correction

2014년 09월 02일 | 5 min 34 sec | download 5.1 mb

"Learn how to create an LED Lighting system with 90% electrical efficiency, a PF of greater than 0.9 and Low THD. Inroducing Fairchild's latest LED Lighting solution for residential, interior decorating and ornamental light applications."


Solar Energy Podcast

2014년 09월 02일 | 8 min 3 sec | download 7.4 mb

"Listen to this podcast discussing the market for solar energy, its value and the role of semiconductor solutions in solar power"


Primary Side Regulation PWM Controller with 30mW Standby Power

2014년 09월 02일 | 3 min 16 sec | download 3 mb

Achieve 30mV Standby Power


Reset Timer Simplifies Smartphone "White Screen of Death" Restart

2014년 09월 02일 | 3 min 31 sec | download 3.23 mb

Discusses causes of the "White Screen of Death" in Smartphones, and how the FT8010 simplifies restart after these events.


Extending Battery Life in Home and Diagnostic Metering Applications

2014년 09월 02일 | 3 min 45 sec | download 3.43 mb

Extend battery life with IntelliMAX™ smart load switch products


The Greening of Automotive Applications

2014년 09월 02일 | 7 min 7 sec | download 6.53 mb

Listen to this podcast discussing the automotive market and the move to greener technologies.


Standardizing and Simplifying Interface Connectivity using USB Switches

2014년 09월 02일 | 7 min 10 sec | download 6.56 mb

Learn about the market trends and design challenges for USB in this podcast.


The Migration to Green Packaging

2014년 09월 02일 | 6 min 35 sec | download 6.04 mb

Learn about green package options.


Energy-Efficiency Challenges

2014년 09월 02일 | 5 min 14 sec | download 4.81 mb

Explore the new ways of approaching the energy-efficiency challenges.


Techniques for Minimizing EMI in Mobile Designs

2014년 09월 02일 | 2 min 55 sec | download 2.68 mb

Listen to Fairchild's EMI expert talk about the challenges of EMI in mobile applications today and the ways to minimize EMI issues.