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As the demands for energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and meeting government regulations are increasing, the need for highly efficient electronic systems becomes more and more important. Since electrical motors are the single largest consumer of electrical power and account for between 40 to 50 percent of total global energy consumption, it is essential that motor control solutions are both efficient and reliable. Our constantly expanding product portfolio—combined with manufacturing process enhancements—innovative topologies, and our systems expertise, allow circuit designers to develop the most advanced solutions to meet their needs. We offer a broad range of SPM®, IGBTs, Gate Drivers, PFC-PWM combos, MOSFETs, phototransistors and diodes for every motor control application.

Fairchild Product

BLDC Controller

Engineers who must convert AC motor controls to a BLDC/PMSM solution face significant challenges such as component spend, complex algorithm development, and numerous design cycles during implementation.

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Fairchild Product

Motion SPM® Smart Power Modules

Motion SPM® modules integrate drive and protection circuitry into a single package. Simplify and accelerate your design as you optimize efficiency.

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Fairchild Product

Flyback Converter

Find the controller that offers the optimum combination of standby power and operating efficiency for popular power levels with this reference chart.

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Fairchild Product

mWSaver® Technology

mWSaver Technology combines our most energy efficient process and circuit technologies for power adapter design into this unique

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Fairchild Product

Interleaved PFC Controllers

Intelligent Interleaved Control that enables Unparalleled Performance, Converter Protection and Design Benefits

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Fairchild Product

MDBxS Bridge Rectifiers

Improve Power Supply Efficiency and Reliability With Best-in-Class Rectifier Performance in a Small Package

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Fairchild Product


Fairchild brings designers of power supplies, lighting, display and industrial applications a new generation of 600V Super-Junction MOSFETs — SupreMOS®.

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어플리케이션 노트설명
AN-6067Design and Application of Primary-Side Regulation (PSR) PWM Controller
AN-4150Design Guidelines for Flyback Converters Using FSQ-Series Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-6961Critical Conduction Mode PFC Controller
AN-9017Manufacturing Technology of a Small Capacity Inverter Using a Fairchild IGBT
AN-7511Insulated-Gate Transistors Simplify AC-Motor Speed Control
AN-9010MOSFET Basics
AN-7515A Combined Single-Pulse and Repetitive UIS Rating System
AN-7510A New PSPICE Subcircuit for the Power MOSFET Featuring Global Temperature Options
AN-9034Power MOSFET Avalanche Guideline
AN-7533A Revised MOSFET Model With Dynamic Temperature Compensation
AN-9005Driving and Layout Design for Fast Switching Super-Junction MOSFETs
AN-558Introduction to Power MOSFETs and their Applications
AN-8021Building Variable Output Voltage Boost PFC Converters with the FAN9612 Interleaved BCM PFC Controller
AN-640Understanding and Minimizing Ground Bounce
AN-9052Design Guide for Selection of Bootstrap Components
AN-4137Design Guidelines for Offline Flyback Converters using FPS™
AN-6069Application Review and Comparative Evaluation of Low-Side Gate Driver
AN-400ALow-Power Green-Mode PWM Flyback Power Controller without Secondary Feedback
AN-8102Recommendations to Avoid Short Pulse Width Issues in HVIC Gate Driver Applications
AN-6076Design and Application Guide of Bootstrap Circuit for High-Voltage Gate-Drive IC
AN-42047Power Factor Correction (PFC) Basics
AN-6086Design Consideration for Interleaved Boundary Conduction Mode PFC Using FAN9611 / FAN9612
AN-4165Design Guideline for 3-Channel Interleaved CCM PFC Using the FAN9673 5 kW CCM PFC Controller
AN-4164Design Guideline for 3-Channel Interleaved CCM PFC Using the FAN9673 2.5 kW CCM PFC Controller
AN-9091Boost PFC Inductor Design Guide for PFC SPMв Series
AN-5232New Generation Super-Junction MOSFETs, SuperFET® II and SuperFET® II Easy Drive MOSFETs for High Efficiency and Lower Switching Noise
AN-7514Single-Pulse Unclamped Inductive Switching: A Rating System
AN-9757Determination of Maximum Current Rating for Low RDSON DPAK and D2PAK MOSFETs
AN-9040Assembly Guidelines for Power33 Packaging
AN-9048Assembly Guidelines for Fairchilds 6x6 DriverMOS Packaging
AN-9037Assembly Guidelines for 8x8 MLP DriverMOS Packaging
AN-9036Guidelines for Using Fairchilds Power56
AN-9046Assembly Guidelines for Dual Power56 Packaging
AN-7534A New PSPICE Electro-Thermal Subcircuit For Power MOSFETs
AN-7532A New PSPICE Electro-Thermal Subcircuit For Power MOSFETs
AN-4179High Voltage D2pak Package, PCB Layout Guide
AN-6039Board Layout Techniques for High-Performance Amplifiers
AN-9075Smart Power Module, Motion 1200 V SPM 2 Series User Guide
AN-9076New SPM® 2 Package Mounting Guidance
AN-9079SPM® 2 Series Thermal Performance by Mounting Torque
AN-9760PCB Design Guidance for SPM®
AN-9071Smart Power Module Motion SPM® in SPM45H Thermal Performance Information
AN-9070Smart Power Module Motion SPM® in SPM45H
AN-9072Smart Power Module Motion SPM&174; in SPM45H Mounting Guidance
AN-FEBFOD8316User Guide for FEBFOD8316 Evaluation Board
AN-5073Active Miller Clamp Technology
AN-9090PFC SPM® 3 Series Ver. 2 for Boost PFC Topology
AN-9041PFCM Design Guide with Analog PFC IC
AN-1031Considerations in Designing the Printed Circuit Boards of Embedded Switching Power Supplies
AN-7017Reducing Power Losses in MOSFETs by Controlling Gate Parameters
AN-248Electrostatic Discharge Prevention-Input Protection Circuits and Handling Guide for CMOS Devices
AN-9021A Novel IGBT Inverter Module for Low-Power Drive Applications
AN-9043Smart Power Module DIP SPM® Users Guide
AN-9035Smart Power Module Motion SPM® in SPM3 Users Guide
AN-9042Smart Power Module Tiny-DIP SPM® Users Guide
AN-9082Motion SPM® 5 Series Thermal Performance Information by Contact Pressure
AN-9080Motion SPM® 5 Series Version 2 User’s Guide
AN-9077Motion SPM 7 Series User’s Guide
AN-9078Surface Mount Guidelines for Motion SPM 7 Series
AN-9044Smart Power Module Motion SPM® in Mini DIP SPM®
AN-5241Guidelines for Pb-Free Soldering of Fairchild Components Based on JEDEC® J-STD 20D / IEC EN 61760-1:2006
AN-4148Audible Noise Reduction Techniques for FPS™ Applications
AN-4141Troubleshooting and Design Tips for Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™) Flyback Applications
AN-4140Transformer Design Consideration for Offline Flyback Converters Using Fairchild Power Switch (FPS™)
AN-4159Green Mode Fairchild Buck Switch FSL336LR
AN-41761 kV SenseFET Integrated Power Switch
AN-7520Numerical Method for Evaluating IGBT Losses
AN-7517Practical Aspects of Using PowerMOS Transistors to Drive Inductive Loads
AN-7516Safe Operating Area Testing Without A Heat Sink
AN-9020IGBT Basic II
AN-4161Practical Considerations of Trench MOSFET Stability when Operating in Linear Mode
AN-7505Improved IGBTs with Fast Switching Speed And High-Current Capability
AN-7506Spicing-Up Spice II Software For Power MOSFET Modeling
AN-7524How to Determine Thermal Resistance for a Power Semiconductor Heat Sink in an SMPS
AN-5067PCB Land Pattern Design and Surface Mount Guidelines for MLP Packages
AN-7528(TB334) Guidelines for Soldering Surface Mount Components to PC Boards
AN-4166Heat Sink Mounting Guide
AN-3005Design Fundamentals for Phototransistor Circuits
AN-7014Using Integrated Modules to Improve Efficiency, Reliability and Size of Home Appliance Motor Drives
AN-42007Safety, EMI and RFI Considerations
AN-7500Understanding Power MOSFETs
AN-7502Power MOSFET Switching Waveforms: A New Insight
AN-7512Parallel Operation Of Insulated Gate Transistors
AN-9016IGBT Basics 1
AN-7504The IGBTs - A New High Conductance MOS-Gated Device
AN-7522Using the Thermal Impedance Model
AN-3004Applications of Zero Voltage Crossing Optically Isolated Triac Drivers
AN-4145Electromagnetic Compatibility for Power Converters
AN-9007High Performance 1200V PT IGBT with Improved Short-Circuit Immunity
AN-4147Design Guidelines for RCD Snubber of Flyback Converters
AN-7513Parallel Operation Of Semiconductor Switches
AN-5844Green Mode Fairchild Buck Switch FSL306LR
AN-1100Thermal Considerations of Surface Mount Packages
AN-6060Guidelines on Leadforming, Trimming Lead Length, and Heatsink Mounting
어플리케이션문서 번호주요
입력 전압
1500W300~400VDC1 션트 솔루션
1500 W1200 V3상 인버터
PMSM 모터 드라이브 시스템PDFRD-401
200 W90~265V AC3상 인버터
180 W85-265VACBCM 부스트 PFC
PMSM 모터 드라이브 시스템PDFRD-355
600 W90-265 VAC3상 인버터
1500W300~400VDC3 션트 솔루션
150 W - 200 W300~400 VDC3상 인버터
49 W - 110 W400 VDC3상 인버터
시스템 에어컨, 산업용 인버터PDFRD-404
3.2 kW / 440 VAC10 A / 1200 V3상 IGBT 인버터
에어컨, 산업용 모터PDFRD-406
3 kW30 A / 600 V3상 IGBT 인버터