Reliable Optoelectronic Devices & Optocouplers for Industry Communication

Fairchild Semiconductor is a leader in the design and production of optoelectronics devices. We offer optocouplers for low bandwidth/general switching applications, high performance optocouplers for high bandwith/high-gain applications, high-voltage optocouplers, infrared components, and other customized products that provide unique characteristics.

Our broad range of optoelectronic & optocoupler devices combine numerous input and output configurations to reduce power consumption and provide superior noise immunity for your designs.

Why Choose Fairchild's Optoelectronic Devices

Fairchild's high performance optocouplers offers
superior noise immunity due to our proprietary coplanar packaging technology, Optoplanar®. (See figure 1.)

  • With their high speed data rates, these optocouplers are ideal
    for high speed data communication.
  • All of ouroptoelectronics products are lead (Pb) free and RoHS compliant.
  • In addition, they are certified by major safety regulatories.
  • Available in 3.3V and 5V supply voltages.
  • Bandwidth capability of up to 15Mbit/s
  • Meet or exceed safety regulatory standards.
  • High isolation voltage up to 5kV.
Figure 1: Optoplanar® Packaging Technology
Figure 1: Optoplanar® Packaging Technology

Additionally, to meet the growing demands of today's designs, Fairchild offers optocouplers capable of withstanding operating temperatures up to +125°C. The Microcoupler™ devices,designed in ball-grid array (BGA) package, are the only plastic package optocouplers capable of meeting this temperature limit enabling improved Current Transfer Ratio (CTR) stability at elevated temperatures. Our 4-Pin full pitch MFP and 4-Pin DIP, phototransistor output optocouplers are all rated with a maximum operation temperature of +110°C.

Application Notes

Application NoteFunction/ProductsDescription
AN-3008Opto, 정류기, 소형 시그널 다이오드, 소형 시그널 BJT, Triac 드라이버 옵토커플러, Optoelectronics,
1N4001, 1N914, 1N914A,
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RC Snubber Networks for Thyristor Power Control and Transient Suppression
AN-3006타이밍, 고속 로직 게이트, Opto, 정류기, Triac 드라이버 옵토커플러, Optoelectronics,
1N4001, H11L1M, LM555
Optically Isolated Phase Controlling Circuit Solution
AN-3004Opto, 정류기, Triac 드라이버 옵토커플러, Optoelectronics,
Applications of Zero Voltage Crossing Optically Isolated Triac Drivers
AN-3003인버터, NAND 게이트, Opto, 포토트랜지스터 출력 - AC 감지 입력, 무작위 위상 Triac 드라이버, 정류기, 소형 시그널 BJT, Triac 드라이버 옵토커플러, Optoelectronics,
1N4002, 2N3904,
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Applications of Non Zero Crossing Triac Drivers Featuring the MOC3011
AN-52413상 드라이버, AC-DC 리니어 레규레이터, USB 액세서리 검파 스위치, 고급 전류 제한 로드 스위치, 모든 드라이버, 측광 센서, 증폭기, 아날로그 및 혼합 시그널, 아날로그 스위치, AND 게이트, 오디오 헤드폰 증폭기, 오디오 잭 검파 스위치, 오디오 스피커 증폭기, 오디오 서브시스템, 오디오 스위치, 오토모티브 하프 브리지 드라이버, 오토모티브 IGBT,
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Guidelines for Pb-Free Soldering of Fairchild Components Based on JEDEC® J-STD 20D / IEC EN 61760-1:2006
AN-3002고성능 트랜지스터, 고속 로직 게이트, Opto, 포토트랜지스터 옵토커플러, Optoelectronics,
6N137M, 6N138M
Low Current Input Circuit Ideas
FOD3120, FOD3182, FOD3184, FOD8320
Standard Gate-Driver Optocouplers
FOD8318, FOD8332
Active Miller Clamp Technology
AN-3001인버터, NAND 게이트, Opto, 포토트랜지스터 옵토커플러, 포토트랜지스터 출력 - AC 감지 입력, 포토트랜지스터 출력 - DC 감지 입력, Optoelectronics,
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Optocoupler Input Drive Circuits
AN-3007고성능 옵토커플러, Opto, 특정 기능, Optoelectronics,
MID400 Power Line Monitor
AN-3005Opto, 포토트랜지스터 옵토커플러, OptoelectronicsDesign Fundamentals for Phototransistor Circuits


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